Perfect Fit Hump Gear Anal Plug - Black

Perfect Fit Hump Gear Anal Plug - Black

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  • Product Sku: PFB-HG-01B
  • Manufacturer: Perfect Fit Brand Inc.
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  • Release Date: September 16, 2015


Are you ready for a new butt play experience? Hump Gear is a insertable plug that contorts to fit inside your internal anatomy to give that extra overload for both partners. How does it work? Well the top puts the plug on like a cock sheath, and then slowly inserts it into the bottom, making sure the large nub that is just above the base goes all the way in. Once it's in, the nub acts as an anchor to hold it in place and gives ultimate independence for the top to play as he wishes. After that, the top can enjoy the experience knowing it won't come out and the bottom enjoys extra girth and extra length with no friction whatsoever. It also has great internal ribs which makes it pleasurable for both partners, and it's designed so you can have extended sessions.

Hump Gear is made of Silaskin which is a perfect mix of Silicone and TPR that gives it an unbelievable stretch, which contributes to making this one of our best selling sex toys. Hump Gear makes your cock feel wider and longer so the bottom can last longer. Hump Gear has an insertable length of 6 inches and insertable diameter of 2.4" which of course stretches to fit most guys of any size. Remember, this is not a contraceptive or a substitute for a condom. This product is not compatible with latex products.

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I'm Danny Rotz from Shippensburg and I love to suck Big Black Cock

Hi, I'm Danny Rotz, a whiteboi sissy cumdump for black cock and Daddy and i got our new Hump Gear fuckable butt plug here in Shippensburg today. We ripped it open with great anticipation and when he saw it, he wanted me to try and fuck it since he knows I never use my tiny sissy clitty of a dick for sexual pleasure and he thought I might enjoy it. He also knows though that i'm a total bottom and love just being his cumdump, but to please him, we took my chastity cage off and i tried to fuck it and just like with his fleshlight he had me try once, my tiny limp dick is way too small to even penetrate it, so i hopped on the bed and got on my back with my head hanging off the edge and daddy started fucking my face with his big black cock until he was rock hard and his cock was covered in all that sloppy juice from the back of my throat.

He then pulled out of my mouth way sooner than i wanted him to and we struggled to stuff his big cock into this Hump Gear butt plug. He then rolled me over on the bed and with my face down and ass up he slid his big black cock deep inside of me until the knot was "anchored" in my gaping boipussy. The product description says that the "nub", which i call the knot, will anchor in place so he can play as he wishes and that i, as the bottom, will enjoy the extra girth and length. We however had a couple problems with that, well kind of, but not really problems, i think it actually made it more fun. 1) it was so tight on daddy long fat cock that he could not easily slide in and out of the Hump Gear butt plug while it was "anchored" inside of me and 2) probably because my boipoussy is so stretched out from daddy's big cock and some of my favorite dildos, the Hump Gear plug would not stay "anchored" inside of me so that he could play as he wished with no friction, which again was not really a problem as i love the friction anyway. i also love sucking his big black cock and getting fucked hard with it too.

So to sum up, I love that this Hump Gear butt plug didn't work as described, because when daddy really started fucking my hole and taking long hard strokes, i could feel the knot popping in and out of my boipussy and it caused me to sissygasm almost immediately as i pushed back against daddy's big black cock as hard as i could. i also love that this Hump Gear butt plug holds all of daddy's load and i didn't loose a single drop once he finished like i do when he cums in my ass and after he shot his load in this awesome toy i was able to drink it all down and then suck his big black cock completely dry and he was still able to cum without pulling out like he always does, but i was able to enjoy every single drop of my tasty reward. I love being his cumdump sissy and swallowing all of his loads and sucking his big black cock completely dry

Anonymous - September 29 2021

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